Frequently Asked Questions

Highcharts Core for Python vs Highcharts Stock for Python

What is the difference between Highcharts Core for Python and Highcharts Stock for Python?

The Highcharts Core for Python library supports Highcharts Core (JS), which is the core data visualization library developed by Highsoft. It provides over 60 different visualization types.

Highcharts Stock for Python is an extension to Highcharts Core for Python in the same way that Highcharts Stock is an extension to Highcharts Core. It:

  • adds new features (including a navigator, interactive stock tools, and scrollbars) to supported charts,

  • adds new series types, including candlestick, HLC, and OHLC

  • adds support for over 40 technical indicators which you can include in your visualizations


Highcharts Stock for Python includes all of the functionality from Highcharts Core for Python using the exact same API. As a result, the best practice is that if your application needs any of the features included in Highcharts Stock for Python, just use that library.

Can I use the Navigator or Stock Tools on non-Stock charts?

Yes, you can. If you are using the Highcharts Stock stock tools or navigator features, you can still use them with non-stock charts (e.g. Organization, or Gauge). This can be particualrly useful if you are using custom stock tools and want to maintain a consistent user experience in your application.

Getting Help

Where can I get help using Highcharts Stock for Python?

This documentation is a great place to start, but we’re here to help!

The Highcharts for Python Toolkit comes with all of the great support that you are used to from working with the Highcharts JavaScript libraries. When you license the toolkit, you are welcome to use any of the following channels to get help using the toolkit:



Is the Highcharts for Python Toolkit free?

If you are evaluating the Highcharts for Python Toolkit, you are welcome to install this library and use it free of charge.

However, if you are using it for professional purposes - either to use Highcharts for your work, or to build an application that integrates the library - then you have to pay for both Highcharts Core (JS) itself and for your right to use the Highcharts for Python Toolkit.

You can purchase licenses for both from Highsoft A/S at:

How much does Highcharts for Python cost?

As a paid add-on to the Highcharts JavaScript libraries, the Highcharts for Python Toolkit toolkit is priced at 30% of the price you pay for your Highcharts JavaScript license/support contract.

How do I license the Highcharts for Python toolkit?

Licensing is super easy! You can go to and fill out the form, and that’s it!

Open Source

Is Highcharts for Python open source?

Yes. The Highcharts for Python Toolkit toolkit is open source (but not free - see licensing above).

You are welcome to review the source code for any library in the toolkit on Github, including for Highcharts Stock for Python.

Can I fork the toolkit or a library in the toolkit?


Remember that if you fork the library and make modifications to the source code, that means that we will not be able to provide support or technical assistance for you should you run into trouble. So you will ultimately depend on forks at your own risk!

Yes. You are welcome to fork any of our repositories from Github, provided that you adhere to the terms of our Terms and Conditions for the Highcharts for Python Toolkit License.


Bear in mind that if you fork the repository, that does not mean you are allowed to use it for professional purposes. Even if forked, you still need a license to do so. You can purchase a license here.

Can I contribute to the Highcharts for Python Toolkit?

Absolutely! We encourage contributions to the toolkit from the community! For more information, please read our Contributor Guide.