The highcharts_stock.highcharts module is designed to be a catch-all module for ease of importing. It does not actually define any functionality itself, but instead imports classes from across the Highcharts Stock for Python library to expose them under a single import statement. This enables you to choose between whatever import-style you prefer to apply:


Best Practice!

This method of importing Highcharts Stock for Python objects yields the fastest performance for the import statement. However, it is more verbose and requires you to navigate the extensive Highcharts Stock for Python API.

# Import classes using precise module indications. For example:
from highcharts_stock.chart import Chart
from highcharts_stock.global_options.shared_options import SharedStockOptions
from highcharts_stock.options import HighchartsStockOptions
from highcharts_stock.options.plot_options.bar import BarOptions
from highcharts_stock.options.series.bar import BarSeries


You should be aware that importing the highcharts_stock.highcharts module takes a relatively long time. This is because it needs to import hundreds of other classes from across the entire library. Assuming you are just doing it once, this may be acceptable to you. However you should be aware that is much less performant than importing precise classes when and as-needed.